Thursday, 8 March 2012

what I want to say is....

tak tahu nak post ape sebenarnya,, cuma..
Aku perlukan orang yang sangat memahami aku.. 
Sekarang cume seorang shja.. that person is, my bestfren.. 

Hey, mitsuki, 

You know what, everyone is acting in their own world.. including your bestfren.. 
But when I am with you, trust me, you are the only one I can trust.. no one else! 

Friends... what can they do for you? Helping you when you are in trouble..? 
hurmm,, depends~~ 

Me? I am not saying I am a good fren of yours.. but I am not bad fren too! 
Me, is kind of fren or person that will pay for what you have done to me.. 
You bad, I am bad.. you good, I am good.. 

You bad, but I am good..? huh! beware! It just an acting.. 

Okey, chow!! 


  1. okay, nmpk sgt aku da lme tak bukak blog org.. sbb aku bru bce ny hari ni.. ^^"
    Anyways, dun worry, things will b okay eventually. so come here you~ -hugs-

  2. Huhuhu.. I am fine now.. thanks a lot buddy cause you always be here for me.. love you! *hug*