Saturday, 9 July 2011

kau dulu ke,aku??,,i wanna talk about,,who should starts first in 'luahan perasaan' ahkz..
sound interesting,right?? well,,i think its okay if gurls yg start dulu..y??
because right now nie bukan zaman perigi cari timba lagi..
and gurls pon cannot hope too much pd boys..we are all the same..
malu2 tuk confess perasaan kita..
but i think im not one of them..BECAUSE..
you know what???
i made a confession with a guy named A..hehe
that I LIKE HIM!!!
ouhhh OMG!!
seriously i think it was memalukan!! 
but,when i thinking back..its normal la..there is nothing to be shamed..
i did it because i do..even i am not sure about my feelings..but,,huh!
forget it..i think boys biler said something like,ILOVEYOU,,,they can said it scare spontan tnpe,gurls!!! BEWARE..hahahhaha XD

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